Report: Oilers GM search is down to the final 4 candidates.

Details inside.

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The Edmonton Oilers are currently conducting what may be one of the most important searches for a general manager in the storied history of their franchise. The team has, overall, been a failed project over the last several years and although the Oilers benefit from one of the most loyal fan bases in the world there has been a growing, and palpable, sense of unrest among that fan base as of late. It may simply be that failure after failure has taken its toll on those long loyal fans or it may be that seeing the best years of a prime Connor McDavid's career being wasted by incompetent management has just become to much of a burden for those fans to bear. Either way there is a sense that the Oilers must get this one right or risk doing serious damage to that special relationship they have with their fans. 

Perhaps unfortunately however the man leading the charge in the search for a new general manager will be vice-chairman of the Oilers Entertainment Group Bob Nicholson, the same man who led the last search for a general manager. The last time around Nicholson settled on general manager Peter Chiarelli and I think it is safe to say that Chiarelli's tenure in Edmonton turned out to be nothing short of catastrophic. Given Nicholson's complete inability to get the job done the last time around, should the Oilers fan base have any more faith in his next hire? Well perhaps you can judge that for yourselves. 

According to a report from TSN Edmonton Oilers insider Ryan Rishaug, the search for a new general manager is down to a list of just 3, or possibly 4, candidates. Although it has long been speculated that current Edmonton Oilers assistant general manager Keith Gretzky could be one of those candidates, he was not one of the ones named by Rishaug in this latest report. That being said, Rishaug only names 3 of the men he believes are still involved so I suppose it is possible that Gretzky remains in the hunt. 

"The process continues for Nicholson, the list is down to 3 or 4 at this point," wrote Rishaug. "Hunter and McCrimmon likely still in the mix, as is Sean Burke.  Burke is an interesting option, known to be extremely well prepared and very thorough.  Dark horse candidate we don’t hear a lot about."

Hunter of course refers to former Toronto Maple Leafs assistant general manager and director of player personnel Mark Hunter and McCrimmon of course refers to the Las Vegas Golden Knights Kelly McCrimmon, a man who has received a great deal of credit for the success that organization has achieved. No word on who that fourth mystery candidate may be but given the words used by Rishaug I think it's safe to suggest that Hunter, Burke and McCrimmon are the favorites to get the job at this time. 

Would you be happen with 1 of those 3 candidates as an Oilers fan? If so which of the 3 listed here by Rishaug would you believe to be the best fit for the organization? And if not who do you want to see take over the role?