Report: Oilers have rejected a major offer for their #4 pick in the draft.

A lot of rumors surrounding Edmonton's #4 pick.

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There have been rumors of the Edmonton Oilers dangling their #4 pick in the draft, in fact general manager Peter Chiarelli has openly stated he's open to an offer that will bring him a player that improves his club, and it appears teams were listening.

According to a report from Montreal Canadiens insider Marco Normandin, the Oilers have received at least one major offer for their pick, an offer that was subsequently rejected. Normandin reports that the Arizona Coyotes and their new general manager John Chayka offered the Oilers both of their first round picks in 2016, #7 and #20 in exchange for the #4 pick, but that offer was declined.

It's a significant offer from the Coyotes, and it's also an indication that either the Oilers are very much looking to get better now by acquiring an NHL ready player, and don't want more picks, or perhaps that they simply feel this draft is very top heavy and at all deep.

It's likely a sing of things to come.