Report: Oilers reveal new mascot and the entire NHL fan base ridicules them!

Fans are tearing the Oilers apart for their new mascot!

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Sometimes less is more.

This is a lesson the Edmonton Oilers appear to be learning the hard way after they unveiled their new mascot on Monday, leading to widespread criticism not only from their own fans, but from the entire National Hockey League fan base.

To be fair not every reaction was pure disgust, some took the opportunity to simply laugh at the horrible choice from the Oilers, a choice that in no way shape or form represents their organization, unless of course they are planning a name change.

Even in the picture released by the Oilers to show off "Hunter" the mascot, you can clearly see even the children in the photo are uncertain about what in the hell is going on.

Feel free to leave a comment below regarding your thoughts on this masterpiece, we look forward to reading them.