Report on P.K. Subban's future out of Toronto

The latest from Leafs insider Steve Simmons.

Published 1 year ago
Report on P.K. Subban's future out of Toronto
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We're literally just days away from the opening of NHL training camps and there's still no indication that one-time superstar P.K. Subban is going to hit the ice.

Subban, just 33 years old, and four seasons removed from a nearly 60 point campaign, is still without an NHL contract or even an professional tryout (PTO) contract for the upcoming season. In his latest column for the Toronto Sun, longtime Toronto Maple Leafs reporter Steve Simmons ponders Subban's situation and reports that the Subban camp has gone silent.

From Simmons:

And now September is halfway over and Subban is nowhere to be found.

I called his agent and family members and friends and former general managers and all five of the numbers I had for him on my phone list. None of the numbers was his. One polite woman on the phone apologized for P.K. not having that number anymore. A few people said they would get him to call; he didn’t.

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NHL training camps open in just a few days. Rookie camps have already begun. And as of now, as far as we know, the 33-year-old defenceman has neither a place to play nor an invitation to any camp. No doubt he will wind up somewhere. He may not be a star anymore, but he’s not finished as a player. Thirty-three is almost young for a defenceman who can think the game and shoot it the way Subban can. But right now, there are no Subban sightings. If there is a place for him to play, an opportunity, he isn’t sharing that information.

This is the first time in a magnificent hockey life for Subban to face this kind of uncertainty, this time of unknowns.

- Steve Simmons

No one's quite sure what the deal is with Subban, but if I had to guess I'd wager that he has received interest, even offers, but that he has been maybe to picky with his decision making. The fact is that teams are quick to move on and put their money elsewhere if they can't get a firm agreement from a player and I'm willing to bet that Subban has lost out on some opportunities by not committing earlier in the offseason. I suspect that he'll end up with a team at some point before the puck drops on the season, but as Simmons reports, time is running out.