Report: One NHL GM is very active on the trade phone call front!

He now has more to offer to rival clubs!

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The misery of the Montreal Canadiens and general manager Marc Bergevin is simply getting worse, and who would have thought? 

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman reacted to the Habs’ struggles, saying on the air of Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 that he was surprised to hear the mock cheers directed at Carey Price and of the empty Bell Centre last night. 

Friedman also commented on what is next for Montreal, and though Bergevin said he was not seeking answers on the trade market, he seemed to have already tried that venture. Who would have thought… 

It is also well-known now that the idea to trade forward Alex Galchenyuk is less likely to happen due to the rumour that revealed he could have been in rehab a couple of times.  

“And I think that what it’s done is Montreal knows it’s dealing from a position of weakness because Galchenyuk’s play was already bad," said Friedman, as per Fanrag Sports. "And when Bergevin comes out this week and says, ‘We’re going to stick with him,’ it’s because he knows if you trade him now, you’re trading him at 10 cents on the dollar."

Friedman also noted on Toronto’s Sportsnet 590 how Bergevin has been active on the trade phone call front.

“Canadiens are determined not to just do something for the sake of doing something. These are the kinds of trades you make that really blow up in your face."

 I think he’s made a lot of calls. I think he’s checked on what kind of return he could get for Andrew Shaw. I think he’s checked on Galchenyuk. And I think he’s just found that whatever he gets offered, or whatever is available out there, just isn’t going to really help.

The Habs face the New York Rangers on Saturday in Montreal and hope for speedy improvement. 

“I think that Geoff Molson wants to give Marc Bergevin the year. I really do. He wants to see if this sorts itself out," Friedman said.