Report: One obstacle preventing Flames from signing Jagr

One insider reports offers up a huge update regarding the living legend’s future in Calgary.

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After weeks of speculation, rumors that 45-year-old NHL veteran Jaromir Jagr would be signing with the Calgary Flames really heated up this week. According to multiple reports, the deal was done and the announcement would be made as soon as possible. Yet, here we are, the week is over and nothing has changed. What gives?

One theory floated by reporter Joshua Marshall is that the Flames first must sign talented youngster Sam Bennett before turning their attention to Jagr. Check it out:

If true, and we have no way of verifying Marshall as a source, it’s an interesting development. How would Jagr’s signing affect Bennett? How would Bennett’s signing affect Jagr? The Flames have over $7 million in cap space and should be able to get both players signed pretty comfortably under that amount, so again: what gives?

With no clear answers out there, Flames fans will just have to endure the rumors and speculation a little while longer. Won’t it make it all that much sweeter when Jagr does eventually sign in Calgary, though?