Report: Over 20 teams tried to sign Chara

The big man had no shortage of options after getting dumped by the Bruins.


In case you missed the news earlier today, longtime Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara absolutely ROCKED the hockey world by announcing that he was leaving the Bruins to sign a free agent contract with the Washington Capitals. The Capitals confirmed the news shortly after.

Check it out:

If your mind is blown... well get ready for it to get blown again...

According to a report from Renaud Lavoie, Chara was strongly considering signing with the Montreal Canadiens, the Bruins' chief rival.

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I can't imagine anything more fitting for 2020 than seeing Chara suit up for the Habs... 

What's even crazier though is the fact that apparently 20 teams reached out to Chara in an effort to sign him.

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And yet the Bruins walked away from him...