Report: Pastrnak negotiations heading in a dark direction!

It could get greasy...

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The story surrounding Boston Bruins star forward David Pastrnak continues to develop, but TSN insider Darren Dreger isn’t very positive on the direction it’s going. 

Pastrnak and his agent J.P. Barry are reportedly seeking a max-term contract. The Bruins are rumored to have offered Pastrnak a deal worth $42 million, with the rumor being that it was over a 6 or 7 year term.

“But that doesn’t sound like it’s going to get it done by a long shot, from Pastrnak’s perspective. You look at some of the comps that exist out there. Again, Leon Draisaitl’s 8.5," explains Dreger on The Instigators on Buffalo’s WGR 550.

"So I think that this could get greasy. I think that this negotiation between David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins – unless the Bruins change their position and they come off their number – this could be headed in a dark direction."

Pastrnak’s goals are going to be needed for the Bruins this season. He scored 34 of them last year.

More on this story as it continues to develop.