Report: Pastrnak unhappy with Bruins negotiations

How long will both sides draw this out? Are we seeing another Hamilton/Seguin/Kessel situation unfolding?

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The Boston Bruins have seemingly made their best offer to restricted free-agent forward David Pastrnak, but are still nowhere near getting a deal done. According to a Sunday report from Boston Globe writer and Bruins insider Kevin Paul Dupont, the Bruins have offered Pastrnak both a six-year, $36 million deal and a seven-year, $42 million deal. Evidently, the young Czech winger has not been impressed by either offer and now a report from’s DJ Bean suggests that Pastrnak’s camp is growing unhappy with negotiations.

Check it out:

Neither offer impressed Pastrnak’s side, especially the seven-year one. Such a deal would buy out three years of unrestricted free agency; as such, teams signing players off their entry level deals to longterm deals often pay more in AAV to get the extra year. Pastrnak’s group considers the extra year at the same cap hit to be way below market value. 

Man, if this is true and the Bruins end up throwing out the baby with the bath water again… Bruins fans have been through this before with Dougie Hamilton, Tyler Seguin and Phil Kessel all leaving the franchise within the past ten years due to squabbles with management. Then there’s the whole Joe Thornton fiasco from many moons ago. What’s it going to take for the Bruins to finally step up and pay Pastrnak what he’s worth?