Report: Patrick Kane reportedly refused to listen to his coach.

Quenneville and Kane didn't see eye to eye.

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There are reports that a National Hockey League superstar disobeyed his head coach.

In a report from Chris Hine of the Chicago Tribune Chicago Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane admitted that he ignored a call from his head coach recently, although it doesn't souind like Joel Quenneville is going to be too upset about it.

"As I was backchecking some of the boys were telling me 'Q' was yelling at me to change," Kane said as per the Chicago Tribune. "I don't know if I kind of blew him off but I figured we had a chance there and decided to take it."

Kane would instead remain on the ice, and he would go on to score what was the eventual game winner by disobeying his coach, Quenneville however wasn't angry at all and showed great maturity in praising Kane for his vision.

"The time I wanted him to come off was the right time, then it was too late and he had to stay, Quenneville said. "Give him credit. He knows the game and opportunities. It was a great play."

Something tells us it won't be something he routinely gets away with however, unless he keeps scoring goals in those situations of course.