Report: Penguins make a tough call in goal after Murray gives up 7.

A tough decision from Mike Sullivan.

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No one would blame head coach Mike Sullivan if he made a change in goal after his starter gave up seven goals in his last outing, but no one will be given the chance to blame the Penguins bench boss.

According to multiple reports Sullivan has made the decision to go back to Murray despite the poor performance against Washington, citing both the fact that Murray has a history of bouncing back from big losses as well as the fact that he needs more game time after being limited by an injury earlier in the season,

"Matt has had a history of responding pretty well to those types of games," said Sullivan as per Pens Inside Scoop.

"He’s also a guy that hasn’t played a lot of games coming off his last injury, so we feel as though with another game here he’s going to get that much more comfortable with the decisions that he makes and finding and tracking the puck"

This could have been a good opportunity for the Penguins to continue the showcase of veteran Marc-Andre Fleury for a trade but they clearly feel that getting Murray in late-season form is more of a priority. Do you agree with the coach's decision?