Report: Pens’ Murray makes surprising comments regarding career and relationship with Fleury

The two-time Stanley Cup winner opens up and shares his true feelings.

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Pittsburgh Penguins star goaltender Matt Murray is easily the most accomplished netminder under the age of 25 in the NHL. All the 23-year-old has ever known of the NHL is winning, as he’s been a key component in the team’s back-to-back Stanley Cup championships in just his first two years in the league. You’d think such a track record of success would have Murray feeling good about himself, but the notoriously even keeled goalie isn’t letting his opinion of himself get too high just yet.

"I feel like I haven’t really done anything yet," Murray told Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a recent interview. "I definitely don’t view myself as anything other than a guy who’s just trying to prove myself and be the best hockey player I can be.”

Fans and analysts would certainly argue against his point. I mean, two Stanley Cups in two years certainly is “doing something”, but Murray’s point remains. "A year and a half even though we’ve won both times? I don’t think it really says a whole lot in the long run. I think I have a long way to go, and I feel like I’m just kind of getting started."

Murray also opened up and discussed former teammate Marc-Andre Fleury, now a member of the expansion Vegas Golden Knights after losing his starting role to the upstart Murray. For Murray, he sees Fleury as the more successful NHL goaltender to date and someone whom he’d like to model his career after. "I want to have a career like 'Flower' did - the guy who has been so successful for so long."

Again, it’s hard to argue with results. Fleury has been a top NHL goaltender for over a decade and with the Penguins’ most recent Stanley Cup victory, he has three in total on his resume. However the rest of Murray’s career plays out remains to be seen, but it’s hard to argue that he’s not on a trajectory to establish himself as one of the NHL’s most accomplished goaltenders in history.