Report: Plans in place for 6,000 fans to attend NHL games

Would this work? Would you attend a game?

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We still don't know exactly when the puck will drop on the 2020-21 NHL season, but when it does there's a good chance things will play out under the "Eugene Melnyk Plan."

Um... excuse me?!

Melnyk, the embattled Ottawa Senators owner, has reportedly come up with a plan that will allow up to 6,000 fans to attend Senators games at Canadian Tire Centre this upcoming season and he feels it's a plan that the entire NHL can adopt. According to an article in The Financial Post, Melnyk's plan includes out a safe seating for 6,000 fans, with fans bubbled in small groups, and with at least two empty seats plus a row between bubbles.

The Senators, never a team with the best attendance, can even sell out games with this plan! “I can assure you that even the Ottawa Senators, who don’t have a great record of bringing fans in over the past few years, will have a sellout crowd,” Melnyk said, chuckling.

“We are hoping we can get back to the thrill of being at a game,” Melnyk said. Amen, Euge. If there's one thing I can agree with Melnyk on, it's that I can't wait to get back to an NHL game. While I have no clue if Melnyk's plan is sound or if the NHL will in fact adopt it, it is encouraging to see some sort of developments taking place behind the scenes. Here's hoping we can get as close to "normal" as possible when the puck finally does drop next season.

For the full article from The Financial Post, click below: