Report: Potential names for an NHL team in Seattle

Some cool, some ridiculous. All interesting. What’s your choice?

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With news yesterday that the city of Seattle and Tim Leiweke’s Oak View Group have come to an agreement on a $660 million renovation of KeyArena, NHL expansion rumors are at a fever pitch once again. Could the Emerald City become the NHL’s 32nd market? 

Well, TSN’s Bardown hasn’t wasted any time coming up with ideas for a potential franchise name. In their latest article they put forth four ideas to mixed reaction. The proposed names:

  1. Seattle Thunder
  2. Seattle Nighthawks
  3. Seattle Neon Warriors
  4. Seattle Skyscrapers

We’ll throw in another one just for fun: Seattle Sasquatches.

What do you think? Thunder is pretty cool, but ironically the city doesn’t really have many thunderstorms despite it’s rainy reputation. Neon Warriors is frankly just stupid. How about the Seattle Metropolitans named after the legendary PCHA who became the first American team to win the Stanley Cup? Or how about the Seattle Thunderbirds after the city's long-standing WHL franchise?