Report: rumblings of NHL clubs' possible sales!

Another relocation in the books? Which team will be the victim?

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The Calgary Flames' situation have ignited a lot of talks around the NHL, as several markets are struggling around the League. 

The Carolina Hurricanes and Arizona Coyotes are some of the markets having issues with ticket sales and arena management, which prompted The Fourth Period's editor in chief David Pagnotta to comment on what he has been hearing. 

It has been closely reported that the city of Seattle is working hard on building an NHL-arena, while Quebec City has one already built to host NHL-caliber games and eventually, hoping to land a professional club. 

The ongoing rumblings will force NHL commissioner Gary Bettman to comment on the situation, and he might have to resolve the issue with a potential relocation, as he did back in 2011 with the Atlanta Thrashers, moving to Winnipeg.