Report: Sabres have no scouts and no plan for the 2021 Draft

Looks like Kim Pegula will be throwing darts at a board on draft day.


In case you missed the new yesterday, NHL insider Darren Dreger announced that the 2021 NHL Entry Draft will not be rescheduled and will in fact go ahead in July, 2021. There was some belief that the 2021 Draft might have been moved to January 2022 or to the summer of 2022 ahead of the 2022 NHL Entry Draft.

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Awaiting confirmation from the NHL, but sources indicate the NHL Draft will be remain in its originally scheduled July slot. There were numerous obstacles, including NHLPA related concerns that seemingly trumps the push by several NHL GM’s to move the Draft to January or 2022.

Interesting. I have to say, I really feel for anyone trying to get an accurate read on this year's draft eligible players. I mean... a huge portion of the draft class isn't even playing this season! And if they are, it's not like you can just pop into the rink to watch them. Everything has to be done via video and, while that's great given the circumstances this year, it's certainly not ideal.

But... if you're the Buffalo Sabres none of that matters apparently. Despite being on track to be a lottery team, the Sabres have reportedly not assigned scouts to work overseas or in the WHL or OHL.

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That's... that's got to be less than ideal, right? I mean, this is a team that's set up to draft VERY high in the draft and a team that CLEARLY needs an injection of talent. Don't worry though, Sabres fans... team President Kim Pegula has stated recently that she's begun "digging into the draft". Yikes... no offence to Pegula, but she's not exactly qualified to be scouting and making draft selections. But then again, why hire and pay scouts when you can just have Kim sort the draft class by goals scored, right? Man... I REALLY feel for Sabres fans these days. Just a mess of a franchise. A franchise that a few years ago looked like it had brighter days ahead. Now though, the Sabres seem just as rudderless and directionless as ever. Here's hoping that Kim and her skeleton scouting staff are able to hit a homerun at the draft despite their lack of planning.