Report: Senators to change logo in 2020-21

Ushering a new era for the Sens franchise?

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According to a report from Ottawa Senators insider Hailey Salvian of The Athletic, the Sens are planning a “new” look the next time they hit the ice.

Salvian cites sources saying that the team is set to launch a “a long-rumoured rebranding effort and a return to a two-dimensional logo.”

“It’s a well-known fact within the organization that a rebrand is taking place prior to the 2020-21 season,” the source told Salvian.

The 2D logo in question, for those unfamiliar, is the classic Sens logo seen here: 

As opposed to the current 3D logo:

More from Salvian:

The new-look jerseys and logo mockups have been sent to the league for approval, the source said. The logo has also been sent to sponsors for updated branding for the 2020-21 season. A date for unveiling the new look to the public has not yet been set, the source said. The Senators declined to comment.
As rumoured, the rebranded gear will mark a throwback to the ’90s. The mockups showed a two-dimensional logo that is nearly identical to the one used between 1997 and 2007 — pictured above. It’s a slightly less ornate version of the Senators’ original 1992-93 logo and it does not appear to have the team’s name printed inside the circle.
The home jersey mockup is black with two red bands on the arms, encasing the numbers, and a single red stripe around the bottom. The away jersey is white with red bands on the arms and black forearms. It has a red stripe atop a black stripe running around its bottom edge.
There will also be a third jersey. While a red colour scheme would be the logical choice, the source cautioned that final decisions on the third jersey have not yet been made.
According to the mockups, all of the jerseys will be worn with black pants, which were depicted with the Senators’ alternate ‘S’ logo from the 1990s on the right leg.

The 2D Sens logo hasn't been used since the team officially switched to their more modern version in 2007. 

For more details, check out Salvian's full column at The Athletic below: