Report: Sharks throw it way, way, waaaay back for vintage jerseys in 2020-21

With feathered hair and sideburns to match?

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According to a report from Toronto Maple Leafs reporter Howard Berger of The FAN 590, the San Jose Sharks are throwing things way, way, waaaaaay back to 1974 with the classic California Seals jersey for their Retro Reverse vintage jerseys next season.

Check it out:

For all the young whippersnappers out there who are wondering what in the Hell this thing is... the California Seals, originally known as the California Golden Seals and then the Oakland Seals were one of the NHL's original expansion franchises, joining the league in 1967. The Seals lasted just nine seasons though before moving on to Cleveland to become the Cleveland Barons in 1976. The Barons ceased operations two years later and its roster merged with the then Minnesota North Stars (Now Dallas Stars). 

While the Seals have no attachment to the modern day Sharks, the two clubs are the only Bay Area based NHL teams in history. Plus... the Seals' jerseys are iconic, so how can you blame the Sharks for wanting to cash in on some of that sweet, sweet nostalgia?

UPDATE: It appears that we've been had. 

Sharks blog Teal Town USA reports that Berger was duped by a fake Chinese knock off site.

Damn... not gonna lie I was already taking myself into a Seals Patrick Marleau jersey...