Report: Tavares contract could be record breaking

One insider breaks down the INSANE numbers being rumored.

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When New York Islanders superstar John Tavares finally puts pen to paper on a new deal, he could become the richest man in hockey. That’s according to a speculative report from The Sporting News’ Brandon Shlager.

In his latest article for The Sporting News, Schlager takes a deep dive on Tavares’ situation in Brooklyn and estimates that the Islanders, or any other team for that matter, may have to pony upwards of $12 million per season on a long-term deal to land the 27-year-old center.

Schlepper argues that the new $100 million dollar deal signed by Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid has helped redefine the free-agent market and that Tavares will be the first real superstar to benefit. So, what’s the likelihood of a return to the Islanders for Tavares? Can they afford to pay Tavares, or anyone, such a large sum of money? Or will another big money franchise like the Montreal Canadiens or Philadelphia Flyers come with cash in hand?