Report: Tavares to use the same tactics as NHL superstar to decide on his future

Is he pushing the Islanders to make a move?

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The New York Islanders and captain John Tavares tell fans not to worry: both camps have not agreed upon a contract extension, but patience is the key. 

Fans are getting antsy and other teams are looking at ways to land the coveted forward, especially if he hits the market next summer. 

According to NHL insider Pierre LeBrun, Tavares has it figured out. And he uses a well-known comparaison to make his point. 

“Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t know why I hope/feel that Tavares ends up re-signing,” said LeBrun. “Just like I was always on record for I guess the 18 months of Steven Stamkos speculation that we had before he finally stayed put at the eleventh hour in Tampa – I just never thought he’d leave Tampa. In that case I was right.

Stamkos waited until the last second to agree to an extension with the Lightning, and LeBrun believes Tavares may do the same. 

“I don’t know why I feel that’s what Tavares really, really wants, but I guess he’s waiting for the ultimate backing in his decision to do it with the Islanders."

Encouraging words for Isles fans, but they will surely have to be patient.