Report: Team making big push for Trouba, including potential three-way trade.

One team is pushing hard to get Jacob Trouba after his trade demands.

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There is at the very least one team making a big time push for Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba.

According to a report from Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun, the Detroit Red Wings are going all-in to try and make this deal a reality, and there was even an attempt to orchestra a three-way deal in order to get this done.

From Garrioch:

The issue for Trouba is he’s running out of race track and there’s even talk the Wings failed in an attempt to make a three-way trade to try to satisfy what Winnipeg was looking for in return.

It's entirely unclear at this time what the Red Wings have been prepared to offer, but obviously it hasn't been enough as Trouba remains in Winnipeg. This could also explain the need for the meeting that took place between Trouba's agent Kurt Overhardt and Winnipeg general manager Kevin Chevaldayoffover the weekend. 

It's unclear if Red Wings general manager Ken Holland is still in talks with Chevaldayoff at this time, but we imagine if he wants Trouba badly enough this isn't a negotiation he's about to give up on.