Report: The Oilers could have acquired Subban without giving up Taylor Hall.

Oh boy this looks bad.

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As many of you know both the Edmonton Oilers and the Montreal Canadiens made extremely unpopular trades today, but as it turns out the two may have originally been trading partners, but the deal fell through.

However one could argue that if the rumors of what could have been are true, both sides could have walked away looking better today than they did. According to a report from TSN's Ryan Rishaug, the Oilers very much wanted P.K. Subban and could have had him if they met the following offer:

One of Edmonton's top young up-and-comers in Leon Draisaitl, Edmonton's #4 overall pick in the draft, and Oscar Klefbom or Darnell Nurse.

Now you could argue that it's a very stiff asking price and it is, but the Oilers would now be boasting both one of the National Hockey League's top forwards in Taylor Hall as well as one of it's top defenseman in Subban. This is a scenario many Oilers fans would have preferred, and they've let it be known on social media.

The other question here is if Marc Bergevin valued his now former All-Star defenseman so highly, why did he settle for an aging Shea Weber who despite already showing signs of decline at 30 is locked in until he's 41?