Report: Time is running out for the Bruins and Pastrnak

The clock is ticking down. Less than 24 hours until training camp begins.

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With less than 24 hours until the Boston Bruins officially open their training camp for the 2017-18 season the team remains without it’s best young player under contract.

Bruins GM Don Sweeney has been negotiating with 21-year old superstar in the making David Pastrnak daily for weeks now, but still appears no closer to a deal than he did earlier in the summer. Now with training camp opening and the poring eyes of the media upon the team, will the Bruins finally cave?

The Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont points out that the two sides are just mere hours away from a contract impasse:

What could this mean? Any number or things. It could mean that Pastrnak sits out the start of the season while remaining at the negotiation table. It could also mean that he heads to the KHL for a season before coming back to the bargaining table next summer. No one knows for sure what the future holds for the Bruins and Pastrnak and, for most B’s fans, that’s a scary situation. Stay tuned.