Report: Top goal scorer on the verge of being shopped!

Teams will line up to acquire him!

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It seems like the trade market is about to become extremely interesting suddenly in the NHL.

After Montreal Canadiens' full collapse out of the gate this season, it seems like the organization seems ready to pull the trigger and start from scratch.

According to top insider Darren Dreger from TSN, the first name to go if they down turn things around very, very soon, would be captain Max Pacioretty and the return would be hude, considering he still have another year at $4.5 million left on his contract.

Here's what Dreger had to say about the explosive situation:

“The Max Pacioretty rumors – if this team doesn’t turn it around very, very soon, the whispers are going to get a lot louder. A lot louder. So now you’re Bergevin and you have made some real bold trades, haven’t you. You acquired Jonathan Drouin, moving out a piece in Sergachev who is lights-out good in Tampa Bay. You made the significant deal with P.K. Subban going to the Nashville Predators. You get a good piece in Shea Weber coming back. But who’s kidding who? Shea Weber isn’t getting any younger. So the next logical piece is to do something unsettling to shake this group up, and that’s perhaps considering trading your captain.
“If – and this is a big if because again, this is speculation on talk radio – if Pacioretty is ever placed in play, obviously there will be a number of teams that have interest in him. Because one thing he can do – and he doesn’t do it on a regular basis in the first half – in the second half he always scores. He can score goals.”