Report: Top offensive prospect may call it quits with Montreal!

The Habs had huge hopes for this one. This could be a huge loss.

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The Montreal Canadiens are 2-7-1, can't score, and now they may lose one of their best offensive prospects in the pipeline.

Martin Reway, drafted in the 4th round by the Canadiens back in 2013, has had a tumultuous career marked by trade and disease that has left him catching up to the speed of the game in North America.

After missing a year due to a medical condition, Reway finally made the trip overseas and joined the team's affiliate in Laval. He hasn't been able to play every game due to his conditioning, and has only 2 assists in the 5 games he's played.

Arguably the most skilled player in the team's system hasn't been able to adjust to the game here, and may be dealing with lingering health issues that have affected his ability to bring his physical conditioning back to its peak.

There's reason to believe he may return home to Europe. 

We'll keep you posted as this story develops.