Report: Treliving reveals plans for draft and goaltending in 2017-18

Big Brad’s back and he’s got a plan.

Report: Treliving reveals plans for draft and goaltending in 2017-18

Recently signed Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving is at the NHL Draft Combine in Buffalo this week analyzing this year’s crop of draft eligible prospects and he caught up with TSN’s Pierre LeBrun for a short interview. The insider had Treliving on the hot seat and got him to open up about a few of the challenges facing the Flames this offseason.

It’s been speculated that the Flames may be interested in moving up the draft or, conversely, using their draft pick as leverage in a trade to land a goaltender. When asked specifically about what his plans are for the 16th overall selection, Treliving replied, “I would say, all things being considered, we’re probably going to be picking at 16.” Another wrench in the team’s offseason proceedings will be the Vegas Golden Knights and the NHL Expansion Draft. Speaking on Golden Knights GM George McPhee, Treliving said, ”I think George is sort of the puppeteer up there right now, in terms of the action going on in the league and I think there’s still a little bit of an unknown. Everybody’s still trying to get a lay of the land.”

The juiciest bit of gossip uncovered by LeBrun though, may be Treliving’s plans in goal for 2017-18.  “Nobody’s out of the picture. We’ve gone through an evaluation period and now we’re trying to figure out what the market is.” When asked whether or not he’d give an opportunity to the team’s young goaltenders like Tyler Parsons and John Gillies, Treliving was quick to praise them but didn’t guarantee anything to anyone, “We think we’ve got a lot of goaltenders. We want to have a clear path, but at the same token we’re not looking to rush anyone in there. To me, there’s no rush.” He also didn’t count out the possibility of trading for an established goaltender this offseason.

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