Report: Tryamkin slams Vancouver for its drug culture

Come on Nicky… you’re better than this…

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According to a report from KHL insider Igor Eronko, former Vancouver Canucks defenseman Nikita Tryamkin is not a fan of the city’s… ahem… liberal drug policy.

It’s no secret that Vancouver has been a haven for marijuana enthusiasts for decades and with the laws in Canada now loosening the criminatlity on pot, it’s not unusual to see people smoking and toking in the streets. Apparently, Tryamkin though, is not a fan.

Check it out:

It’s unclear whether or not Tryamkin was serious or kidding when he made these comments, but fans in Vancouver are not pleased. The towering 6’7”, 265 lb defender was a bit of a fan favorite during his season and a half with the Canucks and looked poised to establish himself as a regular everyday NHLer with the team in 2017-18, before bolting back to his native Russia. While the Canucks still retain the rights to the 23-year-old there’s no telling when, if ever, he’ll return to the NHL. And if he does, will fans hold his comments about the city and its open drug policy against him?