Report: Update on Two Major RFA Signings in the NHL.

Both these players are going to get paid!

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Both these players are going to get paid
According to Joe Haggerty from CSN, Edmonton Oilers are looking to pay RFA Leon Draisaitl around $7M a year. This rumor coming a few weeks after the Oilers made that monster signing of 12.5M/8 Years for Connor McDavid. Hagerty also believes that this situation with Draisaitl will have a direct impact on another top RFA on the market right now.

David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins is a player that we expect to see get paid a LARGE amount of money for a long period of time. After Brad Marchand, Pastrnak had the most points on the Bruins last year with 70 points in 75 games.
It is very interesting to see that these RFAs are indirectly related and could impact the RFA market in a enormous way!