Report: Versteeg to join Blackhawks’ broadcasting crew for playoffs

Let's just hope he doesn't show off his rapping “skills”

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In case you missed it earlier this season, former NHL forward Kris Versteeg officially announced his retirement from professional with an emotional statement. 

Check it out:

“What a run it was. A kid from North Lethbridge who played on the streets every day, dreaming of playing in the NHL. I took a lot for granted in my time in the NHL. But the one thing I never took for granted were the relationships I made with my teammates and staff of the hockey clubs I played for. A bunch of people have made huge impacts on my life. There was one guy who took a kid with a different personality and a massive chip on his shoulder and helped give him hope, and that was Scott Gordon. Dale Tallon also took a chance on me and gave me multiple opportunities throughout my career. I know I wasn’t always the easiest to deal with. Without people like Scott and Dale, the road to today would not be what it was.”

Now the former Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup champion is reportedly set to join the team's broadcast team for the upcoming 24 team Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

Check it out:

Honestly... this would be incredible.

In truth, Versteeg has always had a broadcasting career waiting for him when his playing days were over. He's always been insightful and quick with humour whenever he's been put in front of the camera. I'm willing to bet that it will be a relatively smooth transition for him to the other side of the game, much like former teammate Patrick Sharp has exerienced.