Report: Very unpopular announcement from the NHL GM meetings today.

Fans aren't happy about this decision.

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The National Hockey League general manager meetings have a great deal of issues on the table this time around, but the first big announcement is likely going to come as a major disappointment for fans.

One of the most controversial issues this season has been the coach's review and how it pertains to offside calls, or more specifically botched offside calls, that lead to goals. Many have been hoping that some drastic changes to this rule will be coming as it has been marred by controversy, largely due to how inconsistently the rules have been applied across the league.

Unfortunately ESPN insider Pierre LeBrun is now reporting that the National Hockey League will be maintaining the status quo, and we will continue to deal with the inconsistent calling and application of this rule, at least until the next time it's up for debate. 

LeBrun's source for this information was NHL executive Colin Campbell, so this appears to be an extremely solid report.

Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News is now wondering out loud why NHL GMs are the ones being consulted on these rules in the first place.