Report: Vesey's agent denies rumors of narrowed list of teams.

A very different story from the player's agent.

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There are a lot of rumors going around when it comes to forward Jimmy Vesey, and with his pedigree and the fact that he has chosen to make himself a free agent on August 15th, that should come as no surprise.

There are conflicting reports however, with some reporters claiming that National Hockey League sources have confirmed only two teams truly remain as contenders for Vesey, while Vesey's agent says that's not true at all.

“I think there’s a lot of things out there that either aren’t true or people are just searching to say things. We’re still talking with Buffalo, who will be part of this process once free agency happens, if it happens, which I assume is going to happen,” said Vesey’s agent Peter Fishas per Puck Daddy's Josh Cooper. “Jimmy wanted to go to free agency all along. He wanted to see it through and, so Buffalo has always been a team that has interested him, but he wants to compare with a few other teams once it happens”

For the record, the two teams that have been predicted are the Devils and the Blackhawks, should Vesey sign with either team it doesn't mean his agent was lying, but it would certainly lend credence to the rumors it really was a two team race all along.