Report: Veteran head coach calls out the NHL after OT loss

He’s not happy and he’s not holding back!

Report: Veteran head coach calls out the NHL after OT loss

Count Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quennevile as one of those NOT in favor of the NHL’s new strict rules on faceoffs. Immediately following his team’s 4-3 OT loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs last night, Quenneville slammed the NHL and its crackdown on faceoff violations.

"Tonight was an epidemic for sure," he said. "Right off the bat, I don't know what was the number but I think Jonathan Toews got tossed about nine times."

In total, Blackhawks centers were tossed from 18 of the game’s 64 faceoffs. But, Quenneville admits that it’s not just his team that’s struggling to understand the rules… it’s the entire NHL. 

"Right now (the referees) don't tell you why, so that's the part... It's tough on centreman, certainly frustration for Johnny (Toews), and (Nazem) Kadri was doing the same thing you know.”

"I don't think they quite understood the reason why and that's a work in progress, finding out why you're getting tossed without an answer."

While fans and media have griped about the NHL’s stiffening up around this particular rule, Quenneville is the first head coach to come forward with his opinion. What do you think? Should officials stick to the rule book and force the players to adapt? Or, do you just want them to drop the puck so we can see the boys play?