REPORT : Which team gets more out of their rookies?

Someone took the time to crunch the numbers.

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In today's league, you can't hire all the superstars and build a monstrous team anymore. You need to take advantage of the draft and develop your rookies as well and quick as possible. Rookies contracts are cheap, so having good youngsters in the lineup frees space for proved veterans and stars. 

A Twitter analyst took the time to rank the team according to the rookies contribution. You will probably won't be surprised about who came out on top. 

Unsurprisingly, Toronto came out on top with a strong cohort leaded by Matthews. A surprise in the ranking is Ottawa finishing dead last, with 0 goal and 1 assist from a rookie. The team is now developing as a true Cup contender and they didn't to field any rookie to do so. It's a testament to their system and how they maximize their regulars.