Report: Wideman injured in his third game back from suspension.

Wideman injured after just coming back from massive suspension.

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It's been a tough stretch for Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman but things were finally looking up when a neutral arbitrator determined the National Hockey League had overstepped it's authority in suspending Wideman for 20 games, reducing it to 10.

That turn of good fortune has turned out to be very short-lived however and on Wednesday night Wideman was injured, just moments after the Flames scored a goal, in an awkward collision behind the net. It's unclear what the exact nature of the injury is, but Wideman's arm and shoulder appeared to eat the worst of the impact, and we believe that's where the injury is likely to have occurred. It's unclear but it appears Wideman may have been tripped up by his own teammate, Joe Colborne, prior to crashing into the boards.

It doesn't sound like the injury is going to be a short term one either, according to a report from correspondent Aaron Vickers, Flames head coach Bob Hartley informed reporters that the injury was "not very good," and confirmed it was an upper-body injury, although he did not go into any more detail than that.