Report: Witness in Evander Kane case speaks out in damning testimony against the NHL star.

One of the women involved describes in detail Kane's assault.

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We've heard from the police, we've heard from Evander Kane's lawyer, but we had not yet heard the alleged victims in this case tell their side of the story, that is until now.

According to a report from Steve Kournianos, a document containing testimony from one of the alleged victims has been made public, and here is here account of the events that occurred on the night of the incident.

I was at Bottoms Up Thursday Night into Friday morning June 23-25. I got there around 11:00 or so at night. Not long after I got there I ran into Evander Kane.He came up to me like he always does. He said "you're coming to my house with me and you're going to like it." I told him no. He had his hands around my neck. He grabbed my neck with both hands and pulled me close. It was like I couldn't breathe. It hurt. When I told him no he went off. That's how he always treats women. Agressive and disrespectful. thos happened near the DJ booth. In between the booth and the hallway to the bathroom. Later in the night he grabbed my hair hard, pulled my head back and put one hand around my neck. It was up front. By the front door and the door to the basement. He does it every time I see him. No matter where it is. 

It's important to note that this is one person's account of events, and should not be considered as hard evidence against Kane. And while police source did claim that some of these moments were captured on video, they did so off the record, and that video has not been made public.