Report: Young NHL'er reveals how badly the Coyotes treat him!

Shocking! No wonder this team is a laughing stock!

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The Arizona Coyotes are already being criticized for their poor season start, putting on a 2-14-3 record in 19 games already this year, but now, one of their own has revealed shocking details on what's going on in Glendale, and criticism will intensify.

Netminder Louis Domingue, who was recently placed on waivers, was on a show at TVA Sports, the "Dave Morissette en direct" show, and made some shocking revelations on how he was treated after no rival clubs claimed him off the waiver wire. 

According to Domingue, he was clearly informed that he would never play again for the Coyotes, and that he wasn't to go to the farm club, the Tuscon Roadrunners, to pursue his development. He was told that young goalies there needed the ice time and Domingue was not welcomed as a third-string goaltender. 

When Dominigue asked GM John Chayka what he was supposed to do to continue his training, the response shocked him.

"I don't have the right to practice with the farm team, don't have the right to practice with the Coyotes, I asked 'What am I supposed to do, I have a career, I am only 25 years old, I need to work out.' I was told to rent my own rink, with my own money."

After training for a week with his former captain Shane Doan, Domingue asked the Coyotes to go back to Quebec where he has been training for the past week and a half. 

Domingue is now hoping to get a phone call from any team in the NHL, especially the Montreal Canadiens, but is willing to move to Europe to find a job with a professional club.