Reporter claims Stamkos looking “primarily” at three teams.

It may be a three team race for Steven Stamkos.

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Free agency hasn't even started and rumors are already flying about potential destinations for several of this summer's top free agents.

The latest such rumor comes from long time sports reporter Howard Berger, who claims "a little birdie" has informed him that should Stamkos choose to leave the Tampa Bay Lightning, there would be two teams that Stamkos will "primarily" be looking at.

According to Berger those two teams are the often rumored Toronto Maple Leafs, and somewhat more surprisingly, the Buffalo Sabres. The Toronto rumor makes sense for all the reasons that have been rumored several times in the past several months, but Buffalo is an interesting player to have in the mix.

The Sabres have an extremely generous owner in Terry Pegula, one who is committed to his franchises and committed to winning at any cost, and the market would allow Stamkos to be very close to home without the intense scrutiny from the Toronto media. 

Only time will tell if Berger's source is correct.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the NHL, rumors suggest Milan Lucic has already made his choice.