Reports of outrage after “violent” mascot incident in the NHL last night.

The NHL is reportedly investigating.

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Fans of the National Hockey League have slowly but surely been expressing their displeasure as it becomes more and more apparent that the league is going out of it's way to crack down on the more violent aspects of the game, but this incident may push that displeasure to full out outrage.

The Minnesota Wild hosted the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday night, and during the intermission they wished happy birthday to the Wild's mascot "Nordy" which led to a short comedic skit with some follow mascots. 

In the skit Nordy accidentally mistakes the mascot representing the Chicago Blackhawks for the pinata he is meant to be hitting, and as a result ends up beating up that mascot. It all seemed like it was in good fun, but apparently there are those who are very upset by this.

Here's how Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune described it:

More than most sports, the NHL embraces team mascots as good, clean family entertainment. That's what made what occurred Thursday night during an intermission of the Wild-Canadiens game at Minnesota's Xcel Energy Center so disturbing.

The NHL is reportedly now investigating the incident which you can see and judge for yourself in the video below.