Ridiculous conspiracy on Carey Price’s absence gets out and fans strongly react!

Come on now…


On Thursday, the NHL and NHL Players’ Association announced in a release that Montreal Canadiens star goalie Carey Price will be away from the team while he takes part in the player assistance program.The news nearly broke the internet and definitely did the heart of GM Marc Bergevin and fans across the city, who did not expect to lose Price. However, the consensus is almost unanimous: Price needs to get better and is very courageous for making the decision to seek help. 

But while we’d love to think everyone is cheering for Price’s mental health, there are some folks out there who refuse to believe he needs to take a break to get mentally better. 

That’s right : some folks are putting out a conspiracy that Price is actually leaving the team. Price, whose wife Angela had already been publicly shamed for promoting informed vaccine consent for parents three years ago, could refuse to take part in the 2021-22 season because of the league’s heavy sanctions for unvaccinated players. 

Now come on! First of all, Price got vaccinated with the rest of the team back in June when the team was competing for the Stanley Cup. It was clearly reported then when head coach Dominque Ducharme was away from the team with a COVID diagnosis and informed that he got sick despite everyone on the team getting shots. 

On top of that, Angela’s stance came three years ago, ahead of the pandemic, and was centred on kids’ health. 

The tweet with this conspiracy got a lot of reactions from fans, who stand behind Price and hope to see him get the help he seeks.

For folks with bad intentions like that, please stay away from the keyboards… Geez! Remember this Price, fans are here to support you and idiots remain idiots.