Rittich slams his head against concrete wall after getting pulled against Sens

When smashing your stick just isn't self destructive enough!


Following two strong performances against the league leading Toronto Maple Leafs, David Rittich has had himself a tough evening tonight against the Ottawa Senators. The Calgary Flames netminder was pulled by head coach Geoff Ward in the 2nd period after giving up 4 goals. Rough.

Even rougher though was Rittich's self-destructive reaction to getting pulled. Check out Big Save Dave smashing his head against the concrete wall in the Flames' dressing room tunnel:

Dude! Chill! Smash your stick or kick over a garbage can, but don't crack your coconut!

In all seriousness, Rittich seems to be fine and I'm sure he'll have no lasting effect. Then again... remember when former Minnesota Wild netminder Josh Harding effectively ended his professional career after breaking his foot by kicking a concrete wall during a bit of an outburst?