Roberto Lungo shaken up at practice today, leaves the ice with trainers.

One of the NHL's most respected vets shaken up at practice.

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The Florida Panthers had a bit of scare during their practice on Monday.

The Miami Herald's George Richards was on hand for the practice when goaltender Roberto Luongo was shaken up on the ice, forcing him to eventually leave to the locker room with the Panthers training staff following closely behind.

Thankfully it appears that Luongo is going to be alright as he would eventually make his way back out to the ice after spending some time in the back. According to Richards the cause was Luongo taking an awkward shot off the arm, and feeling the injury was serious enough that it warranted being looked at. 

It could simply be the case of a pinched nerve or being hit on the "funny bone" but whatever the case Luongo appeared to be in good spirits when he returned to the ice. Although how much practice he actually participated in after the shot that hurt him is unclear as Richards describes that Luongo was "just chilling" with goaltending consultant Robb Tallas.