Roberto Luongo blasts the NHL

Good on Lou!



Minnesota Wild goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury essentially told the National Hockey League where they could shove it earlier this evening when he defied their mandate and wore the specialized mask to honor Native American Heritage Night at XCel Energy Center.

Despite a reported threat from the NHL that Fleury and the Wild could face a substantial fine, ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski reported that the League is allegedly backing off. 

The mask was painted by artist Cole Redhorse Taylor, but was not allowed to be worn by Fleury owing to the NHL having put the kibosh on players wearing specialized equipment on theme nights.

The NHL has gotten panned all over social media accounts, including former goaltender Roberto Luongo.

“I mean come on what are we even doing here??????” Luongo said on his X account, formerly known as Twitter. 

Luongo is all of us right now! 

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Source: Twitter