Roberto Luongo gets unique chance at redemption in Game 4.
Charles Trainor Jr/Miami Herald  

Roberto Luongo gets unique chance at redemption in Game 4.

Beloved former NHL goaltender Roberto Luongo will get a chance to exorcise his demons on Saturday night.

Jonathan Larivee

There will be a ton of narratives to discuss heading into Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight, with the season on the line for the Edmonton Oilers and the Stanley Cup up for grabs in the case of the Florida Panthers. Much will be made of this game for the players on the ice on both sides of the equation, but there is one man with a ton on the line tonight who won't even lace up his skates in Game 4.

That man is none other than beloved former National Hockey League goaltender Roberto Luongo.

Exactly 13 years ago today, Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks would collapse in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, losing at home to the Boston Bruins in what was perhaps one of the more memorable playoff eliminations in recent Canadian history. Luongo and the Canucks couldn't get the job done on the ice back in 2011 but, unlike most people, Luongo will actually get a chance at redemption tonight.

I suspect that Luongo would love to replace the heartbreaking memories he has on June 15th every year with some happy ones, and he could very well do that tonight if his Florida Panthers go on to sweep the Oilers in 4 games.

Luongo works in the Florida Panthers front office as a special advisor to general manager Bill Zito and would be one of the members of the Panthers front office that would be awarded a Stanley Cup championship ring should they prove victorious over the Oilers in the Stanley Cup Final.

No doubt there will be many, many fans rooting for the beloved Luongo to exorcise his demons tonight, including the many fans he has north of the border.