Roberto Luongo refutes comments made by former teammate Kevin Bieksa.

Luongo confused by the comments of his former teammate.

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Telling stories about your former teammates, especially ones that aren't true, in order to get a little bit of clout is never a good look and former Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks forward Kevin Bieksa appears to have become the latest former National Hockey League player to tell tales out of school that may have been stretching the truth.

Bieksa has become a regular fixture of the Sportsnet broadcast of NHL games during the league's Return to Play and presumably he was put there in place of Nick Kypreos, another former player that was recently let go by Sportsnet as part of a series of major cutbacks made by parent company Rogers. Now there's no question that Kypreos was not everyone's cup of tea and he was routinely the target of criticism during his time on the broadcasts, however Bieksa has had his fair share of problems as well and now a former teammate has even called him out for telling some rather tall tales. 

Recently during a live broadcast of NHL games Bieksa made comments about his former teammate Robert Luongo that would have painted the beloved former goaltender as something of a diva. According to Bieksa the former Canucks and Florida Panthers netminder, who was a teammate of Bieksa's for several years, had language written into his contract that would allow him to veto the Canucks decision to put him in goal during back to back games on the road. 

"Luongo had a clause in his contract where he didn’t have to play back-to-back games on the road if he didn’t want," said Bieksa during the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.

That certainly would be one hell of clause to work into a contract but given the massive contract that Luongo received from the Canucks at the time you could possibly see a world in which a team would have acquiesced to such a demand. That demand however was likely never made because Luongo himself appears to have never heard of it. When he saw the comments being circulated on social media Luongo responded with a one word Tweet that left no doubt about the fact that Bieksa was lying.

"Wut?" asked Luongo in response.

Luongo has always been an extremely classy and mild mannered man when it comes to dealing with the media so I wouldn't expect him to call out Bieksa beyond this simple tweet. From a guy like Luongo who usually doesn't get his nose dirty though that one word speaks volumes.