Roberto Luongo remembers his own controversial moment with disgraced ref Tim Peel

You can’t help but laugh!


On Wednesday morning, the National Hockey League announced that referee Tim Peel, following his comments during the game last night between the Detroit Red Wings and Nashville Predators, no longer will be working NHL games now or in the future.

This is because of what took place in last night's game between the Detroit Red Wings and Nashville Predators. Comments made by Peel were caught on a hot mic and it was determined that it was Peel. After Viktor Arvidsson was called for tripping Jon Merrill, Peel was heard on the FOX broadcast saying, “It wasn’t much, but I wanted to get a fuckin’ penalty against Nashville early in the …” before the audio cut out.

The league’s decision has gone viral and is what every hockey fan is talking about - even though Peel was getting ready to retire and officiate his last game on April 24 - but everyone has something to say about it. 

And it includes former NHL goalie Roberto Luongo, who went on social media to share his own personal experience with the disgraced referee. The official found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time as he deviated the puck into Luongo’s net when the rubber caught him in the balls. 

While Lou couldn’t believe the St. Louis Blues’ goal was allowed, he couldn’t help but laugh remembering this incident. 

Not sure Peel looks better in this one though…

Luongo isn't the only one in and around the NHL reacting to Peel's incident and the league's decision to dismiss the referee. Predators centre Matt Duchene, who was on the ice for the controversial call, also shared his opinion on the incident. 

"He's a veteran ref," Duchene said, per Sportsnet. "It's his last year anyway so I think that's maybe why they let him go rather than maybe suspending him or fining him. The crazy thing is he was talking to Filip Forsberg in that clip and he told our bench that. Really bizarre. I just think that can't happen.
"Imagine the scenario where they score on that power play, we lose the game and we miss the playoffs by a point? Imagine that scenario. That could happen. That is not out of the realm of possibility. I don't think there's a place in hockey for that. You gotta call the game. I've always been frustrated when I see even up calls or something like that."