Robin Lehner doubles down on his accusations against Alain Vigneault.

This is getting very ugly for the NHL.


This is quickly turning into a very serious matter for the National Hockey League and I think it will be extremely telling to see how NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and his NHL front office respond to the situation.

On Saturday we reported on comments that were made by Las Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner, comments that accused teams around the NHL of serious medical malpractice. The comments by Lehner were generally vague, and I suspect intentionally so, but Lehner did take the time to single out one man in particular in the form of Philadelphia Flyers head coach Alain Vigneault.

After making the claim that there are teams in the NHL responsible for inappropriately distributing extremely addictive pain medications to players, Lehner called for the "dinosaur" head coach to be fired and seemingly linked him to that very same claim. To be clear Lehner never outright accuses Vigneault of doing so, but it's hard not to link the two tweets together given that Lehner himself linked them to one another in a thread.

These amount to extremely serious allegations on the part of the veteran goaltender, the kind that could forever alter his own career in the NHL as well as the career of Alain Vigneault. That being said it would appear that Lehner is fully prepared to take the risks that this will bring to his continued future in the NHL, and in fact it may even be the case that he has been planning this for a while.

In an apparent double down following the original accusations, Lehner has now vowed that he will "keep going" and claimed to have more information at his disposal prepared for release. The Golden Knights goalie even appears to hint at the fact that he has been building up a case log of stories in case the National Hockey League attempts to "cancel" him over the things he is currently saying. Needless to say when an NHL player says he has "proof" of these things, he has to be taken very seriously.

Lehner was then asked by a fan if he would in fact be able to show proof, and Lehner once again stood firm and answered in the affirmative.

Regardless of what the truth will prove to be in this situation, and it is important to note that these are only accusations at this time, it appears that the NHL has a major problem on their hands.