Robin Lehner embroiled in stunning bankruptcy scandal.
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Robin Lehner embroiled in stunning bankruptcy scandal.

Lehner sounds like he is in some trouble.

Jonathan Larivee

Another player in the National Hockey League has been embroiled in a major bankruptcy scandal, and somewhat surprisingly it seems as though there are some similarities to the story we've recently heard regarding Edmonton Oilers star forward Evander Kane.

This time around however the player involved is none other than Las Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner, and it sounds like Lehner may be in even worse financial shape than Kane was in at the time of his bankruptcy. Lehner finds himself in a massive financial hole with SinBinVegas reporting that Lehner that Lehner is staring down a liability to his creditors in the range of $10 to $50 million, while his assets are worth somewhere between $1 to $10 million.

Interestingly included in the list of potential interested parties, a list that includes the likes of the Vegas Golden Knights, Black Knights Sports & Entertainment, the National Hockey League and Newport Sports Management (which represents Robin Lehner), is a company called Sure Sports Lending. That company is the same that was sued by the trustee assigned to oversee Evander Kane's bankruptcy.

Lehner and his wife Donya filled for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with the district of Nevada on December 22nd, 2022, and it is believed that filling is largely linked to RL Exotics LLC, an exotic snake farm owned and operated by Lehner in Plato, Missouri. It is unclear exactly how Lehner incurred such monumental costs, however he did have a series of legal battles linked to his ownership of snakes after purchasing $1.2 million in snakes from a man named Ben Renick who was subsequently murdered by his wife that same year.

Following Renick's death, a lawsuit was filed against Lehner in 2018 for a failure in making the payments related to that purchase. That lawsuit would eventually come to a close with a settlement, but it would appear as though that was only the start of Lehner's snake-related troubles.