Robin Lehner reveals how poorly players are treated in Buffalo!

The Sabres look terribly bad… no wonder everyone wants out!


You know what’s the hop topic of this offseason. We are all waiting for a Jack Eichel trade to take place as speculation kicks off when the Buffalo Sabres’ season came to an end and the captain admitted that he would mull over his future with the organization this summer. He was especially upset with the Buffalo Sabres’ demands not to undergo surgery on the herniated disc in his neck. Eichel went on to say that there’s a “disconnect” between him and the Sabres organization regarding a neck injury that he suffered and that his focus is on getting healthy for next season “wherever that may be.”

A lot has happened since then, the latest being Eichel’s agents taking matters in their own hands and publishing an impactful statement on the trade process in Buffalo and saying more on his neck injury. Eichel wanted disc replacement surgery, with an artificial disc being placed in his neck. It promises a shorter rehab time, the potential for less loss of motion and far less potential for the necessity for future surgeries. But the Sabres’ doctors maintain they are uncomfortable with a surgery that’s never been done on a hockey player before… 

And so, suitors are exploring all options when it comes to acquiring Eichel, who just really wants out of Buffalo. 

We get why! Especially with what former Sabres goalie, and now star netminder for the Vegas Golden Knights, Robin Lehner had to say on the Cam and Strick podcast about his time in Buffalo. 

Injured players don’t seem to get any compassion… 

“I tore everything in my foot…the shit they did to some of the players was crazy man. They had me on the bike one week after my [ankle sprain]. I should’ve just been walking after 6-8 weeks.”

You can hear what he had to say about the Sabres’ organization around the 1:09 mark: 

While some fans are fed up to hear Eichel complaining about his desire to play elsewhere, you can kind of understand how he’d prefer to play healthy and safely for a team that cares about its players! 

Eichel has played his last game of the campaign for the league-worst Sabres on March 7 before being ruled out for the remainder due to his neck injury. 

Eichel is under contract through 2025-26 with a $10-million cap hit. We’ve heard rumours of many teams entering trade talks including the Golden Knights, Montreal Canadiens, Minnesota Wild, Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets, Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers… 

Anywhere but in Buffalo, would probably say Eichel. And Lehner!