Robin Lehner suggests best solution for Eichel saga in Buffalo!

He played there and knows how messy it can be and has a legitimate solution to end this saga that is delaying a trade!


Fans may be quick to dismiss or badger what Vegas Golden Knights goalie Robin Lehner has to say, but the guy is bright and has gone through many life experiences that need to be considered. Especially when it comes to the medical mess taking place in Buffalo with Sabres’ star forward Jack Eichel. 

Earlier this month, Eichel failed his physical at the Sabres’ training camp and was stripped of his captaincy on Thursday. His trade and future remain in an impasse all because the team and its franchise player remain at an impasse over surgery options. Eichel favors having artificial disk replacement surgery. The Sabres are against him having the procedure because it has never been performed on an NHL player. However, the Sabres’ way means that a patient could have three surgeries in 20 years.

This is a joke because it’s Eichel’s body after all! 

And this is what got Lehner going on the air of Spittin’ Chicklets where he managed to offer up the best solution possible: 

The Sabres should have Eichel sign a waiver : if the surgery he prefers to get fails, he will not be paid. 

Check out how Lehner explains it: 

This makes sense. Lehner is adamant that Eichel is a top player in the league and deserves better respect on what needs to be done for his body and health. 

The goalie does not want folks to see these comments as him going after the Sabres : as he explains, if he wanted to go after the team he played for back from 2015 to 2018, he would have shown proof of how they messed up his ankle during this career. 

“I tore everything in my foot…the shit they did to some of the players was crazy man. They had me on the bike one week after my [ankle sprain]. I should’ve just been walking after 6-8 weeks,” Lehner explained this summer. 

“They hired like 12, 13 new people on that team that year that never played, never been around hockey.”

He said that again on Tuesday. But clearly, his heart is in the right place and his solution is the best thing we’ve heard for weeks in this crazy mess in Buffalo. 

Should the Sabres listen to their former and very vocal goalie?