Roman Polak hurt in HORRENDOUS sequence.

This is hard to watch.

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Tonight's game between the Capitals and the Leafs is a very intense battle. Players fight hard for pucks and look for the perfect hit to make a difference in the game. However, one sequence ended up in tragedy for Roman Polak

Following a routine dump in, Polak is rammed by Brooks Orpik

The hit isn't that bad in itself, although Orpik hits a bit high. However, it's the landing that caused all the damage for Polak. 

See that ankle twisted under his body? Well, this is NOT supposed to happen. He needed a lot of help to get off the ice. 

He left the game in tremendous pain and he's not expected to come back tonight. Hopefully, this isn't too serious but on the look of things, he might miss more than one game to recover.